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I feel like I am going to be alone forever, am 48, anyone else feel this way

Been on POF for years and can't find a decent man. Most men are not my type as they are so much the same, tattoes, rough looking, bikers, tons of... Show More

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  • Jager66 is right, I'm afraid. I'd be even more pessimistic than him and say that dating over 30 for women is much like dating under 30 for men.

    That doesn't mean you can't find someone. But maybe try being more open minded.

    Also, I don't know what you mean by 'decent looking'. For example most people would not include overweight and obese people in that category. If you exclude overweight and obese men of around your age, you're excluding the vast majority of guys. And that's BEFORE you even take into account ANY other faults!

    You're going to have to think rationally about your good points and the points you can improve. And as I said you need to be a bit more open minded, but also rationally think about the kind of guy you want.

    And are you even messaging any men? Because you should. You shouldn't wait around for them to contact you.

    Another thing. Go for men who already have had kids. Because I think it's very likely that a guy on POF without kids is going to want a woman who can give him kids.

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  • Forget your age for age for a second. Just finding a decent person at any age is a monumental battle. This world is littered with scum bags.

  • dating over 40 for women is much like dating under 30 is for men, mostly sucks. Men your age can easily get women much much younger so if you want to catch one of those men the reality is your going to be competing with women in their 20's and 30's.

  • At 48, statistically as a woman you will be alone forever.

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  • "I feel like I am going to be alone forever, am 48, anyone else feel this way"

    Probably I known I feel that way in the sense of being alone forever romantically/sexually. However my feelings about that is most likely different from yours as I'm quite ecstatic about it as I don't find anything worthwhile for a gal to be in a heterosexual relationship.

    "Been on POF for years and can't find a decent man."

    Perhaps try more result-based sites like eharmony.

    "I find a decent looking man who looks clean and appears to have some class, want much younger, thin women."

    In my opinion that's the norm for guys of almost any age as it seems guys tend to have high standards wanting a partner younger and more attractive than themselves. Perhaps it's suited to try guys 10-20 years older than you.

  • My mom's friend met her boyfriend through eharmony. If you're into online dating, then go for that or how about those speed date things? If all else fails, try a bar or ask your friends if they know a guy that's single.

  • I've heard POF is a bad site for meeting people. Especially if you're looking for guys who aren't working class, since that's the sites' main demographic. Guys generally want a younger partner, but not all want a gal who is tons younger than he is. I personally know many couples that had typical age breaks who got together in their 40's and older. Have you tried meeting guys through friends? Have you tried any paid sites? Have you joined any groups to see I you can find guys with similar interests? Etc.

    If you need to work on getting more in shape -- I suggest doing so. There's no way to sugarcoat that men are visual and less forgiving of a woman being overweight. That doesn't mean a woman has to be perfect or even skinny to find love, though. But she does need to put effort into her looks and to try to be active. As do most men who are in the dating scene these days, honestly.

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