Do guys care about uneven breasts?

So not to sound too cocky but I'm a pretty attractive girl but there is one thing that bothers me and I want to know if it's a big deal to guys. One of my boobs is bigger than the other. Do guys really care about that stuff?


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  • Hmmmm. I would be worried if they were symmetrical! Normally one breast is bigger than the other one.

    I had no idea that was the norm, until I learned that in physiology class; after that I paid attention, and yea, one breast is always bigger than the other one. If I didn't take that class, I'm sure I would have never ever noticed! :)


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  • Almost all women have breasts that are not perfectly symmetrical. In fact, I've never heard of a person having perfectly symmetrical body part anywhere. So if yours are a bit off in size or position, it's perfectly fine. Even if they are noticeably off, it shouldn't be a big deal. Of course if they are very very disproportional, like one is a D cup and the other is an A cup, then you might want to get that taken care of. Other than that, guys don't pay much attention to those small details

  • It depends how much imbalance there is. If the imbalance is subtle, then I don't mind. If you have to wear a correction pad (or more than one), because the imbalance is visible even with a bra on, then I would recommend implants or a reduction in the larger breast. If my girlfriend or wife was like that, I would help her finance it (or finance it all together).

    So if a bra hides the imbalance, then it's small enough for me not to care.

    • Hahah "help her finance it"

      that might come off sounding rude

  • Doesn't bother mugglesam.

  • it doesn't matter

    it's normal unless it's a real big size difference


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  • So basically girls with boobs asymmetrical like D to A are hopeless... Good luck.. Hope those girls find help.. I know viewing our body image is very anxiety filled.