Why exactly would he do this?

I recently just found photos of other girls body parts on my boyfriend phone, about a week ago. I act like I didn't see anything. But I think he know something is going on because I stopped giving it too him since I found out. I want to know, is he not attracted to me no more? Am I not good enough? Why do men in relationships look do this? Now I'm wondering if he is doing something else. Should I tell him? If he looks at it now, is he going to continue to do it?


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  • Some guys are just extreme pervs. Others have maturity problems. Some are p*rn addicts. It really depends. Cell phones today can do way too much. A lot of guys debate the whole "masturbating in a relationship" thing. I mentioned to my last girlfriend that I had that kinda stuff on my laptop and she got really nervous about if I had looked at it since we met. She got worried that she wasn't "pleasing me" enough.

    Other girls just accept the fact that guys like looking at naked girls and some will even join in.

    If he is with someone else you'd probably find out naturally.


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  • i know if I found a pic of some guys d*** on my gfs phone I wouldn't be giving anything to her at that point, only thing id give her is my foot in her ass as I kicked her out of my house and out of my life. but hey that's just me, I tend to hold myself in high regard compared to a lot of people

  • Well depends on the kind of pictures... If its pictures he is taking then he might be cheating on you.

    If its pictures of former conquests, he's not being respectful to girls and its inappropriate towards you. If its pictures of models then that's kinda weirder then watching p*rn but not that bad.

  • Some girls may not care and some will, all you have to do is tell him you don't like it and for him to delete them. His response will determine whether or not he is still going to be with you or all your other questions.


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