Have you ever run into someone at a place you least expect?

Someone as a person that held your interest and looked like they did back? The funnest thing was this happened to me on Friday, my family member is at rehab because of some joint pain and so I went to see her not thinking much about the place and all of a sudden this cute girl was walking down the hallway around my age or so. The first time we saw each other it was really quick since I was going down another hallway, the 2nd time was when I was leaving she was walking fast down the hallway towards me and just as she got near she looked up and we both smiled.

I guess you always have to expect the unexpected it seems ;)

It's seems almost impossible to make small talk other then just passing in the hallways unless she happens to be in the room or whatnot, a smile can only go but so far.


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  • Yes, always. I try to talk to them.


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  • yeah, I love it when that happens


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  • I have shared this experience before in GAG:

    once I was on a bus of those very old/crappy that are always SO crowded, I hate those buses :P what is worse, more than half the crowd was this preppy high school guys,some "expensieve" institute braggy daddys little boys, who knows why they were on the bus in the first place, there was this dude being a jerk to an elderly man, only then I paid attention to the crowd (to be honest I was until then trying my best to ignore them), he was a REAL jerk, I was standing near to him and just listened, I tell you the old man seemed about to cry, when I could not take it anymore I punched the boy (ok OK, I am like8 or 9 years older than those guys, but this kid was like 5 inches taller and WAY heavier than me, AND A D1CK) HARD on the face and he kind of blacked out.

    out of nowhere this SUPER HOT girl comes to me (she had to :P I was obstructing the exit of the bus) and just smiled and gave me her number, not only was the least expected place, but the least expected situation.

  • Yes, you have to be ready with a snappy line, something like,' I must have died because I'm in heaven.'

    Appropriate for a medical facility, no?

  • yes I ran into my boss at a whore house in tijuana. I was shocked because I though he was gay.