Do guys care about a cute face or a fit body more?

Not that this applies to me... just wondering


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  • dam that's hard lol, because I care about both... but I'd have to say...face because one of the first things ill notice about a woman is if she has a cute smile and keeps herself lookin good, like if your hair is lookin right and you have a real ladylike/dainty style to you you know...


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  • agreee with rickjames, ill prefer face over body but if the body is way bad then ill have to find another girl


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  • well think about it from a girl's perspective- a guys body is going to change no matter what as you age..but his basic facial construction will stay the same, so I'd say face :) .also, body is something you can always work on, but if you're not born with a pretty face, you can't change it (naturally, at least)

  • Guys care more about the body.

    Say 2 girls walk into a room:

    Girl A- gorgeous beautiful face, not that great body

    Girl B- not that great face, but a banging body

    I think guys would pay more attention to the girl with the nice body. Not that they don't appreciate a good face, but body is more important. If you look in girlie magazines or porn the emphasis is more on the girl's body than her face. I've seen some glamour models with questionable faces, but as long as they turn their head to the side and toot their ass up, that's what really matters.