Why is my boyfriend so stupid?

I bought a new bathing suit and it looks really good on me. My friends were like ooh wait til your boyfriend sees you in that. So I told him I got a new bathing suit and was excited to show him it ;). So I go to his pool and he looks at me in my bathing suit and is like "You paid $50 of that? then he shakes his head. Then he's like you need a tan. Why doesn't he know how to be a good boyfriend? Is he dumb?It was a hot bathing suit and he should have been like damn.


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  • I don't know why he's stupid like that. But yes, he is stupid. There are a lot of guys who are stupid like that, and they seem to genuinely come by this particular brand of stupidity for no reason. I mean, not only did he bash your suit, and the money you spent on it, but he then followed up by insulting you and saying you need a tan? That's some powerful assholery right there. Why not just call you fat too, just to finish you off? Jesus.

    I think you should tell him what he did. Tell him he was being a jerk. That this swimsuit meant something to you. That you were hoping he'd be a little more excited, and not follow up such disappointment by insulting you so. I think he needs to know what he did wrong. It might help, it might not, (More likely not.) but you gotta try.

    Don't worry. Not all guys are this stupid about this kinda stuff. Some guys know how to pay a proper, sincere compliment without being forced. Some guys actually care about things like what a girl wears, or her fashion choices. In his position, I think most other boyfriends might even have gotten an erection and dragged you off to a secluded room. Maybe this guy is just not for you.

    Still, I think you should talk to him.

    • amen

    • Incidentally, the guy doesn't have to lie, but he doesn't have to be an outright prick about it either.

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  • Because men think with their penis and their penis isn't all that bright

  • So a good boyfriend lies to you? Or do you do feel he was saying stuff to you to hurt your feelings?

  • "Is he dumb?"


  • Some people can not give a compliment. I think they hurt others, to build themselves up. I don't think it is stupid as much as it is a form of manipulation. By hurting your self esteem you might not think you can do better than him.


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  • If I liked something and my boyfriend didn't like it I would feel bad but if my boyfriend didn't like it and acted like yours I would get really mad. You can pay whatever you want for something you want, I bet he buys stupid stuff that is overpriced because everybody does.

  • he is dumb. if you wanted and liked the bathing suit he shouldn't say something like that because I'm sure he buys "useless" stuff too

  • Is he dumb? Yes he is. If my boyfriend told me "you need a tan", I would smack him upside his head. So rude of him to make you feel bad about yourself. Some guys CANNOT give a compliment for anything. Like he's never bought anything overpriced in his life? Everyone deserves to buy expensive things every once in awhile to make themselves feel more confident. I would just talk to him about it, and hopefully he'll apologize.