Need suggestions for a new haircut!

Sick of my hair. Thinking of getting a cut like this:



It's usually medium - long length hair that suits me, so I need suggestions of hairstyles of all lengths that may suit me.

Current hairstyle is in my profile pics.

Got a cut, told the guy to make it look like that but he f*cked up and it ended up looking like a regular fauxhawk lol

Time to wait for my hair to grow back again...


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  • If you want to try new hair then by all means do it. Because YOLO and all.

    And yeah, I've always hated my hair, too.

    I'm thinking of trying a long on top, short on sides and back look.

    BTW if you suffer from looking extra young like I do, try pushing your hair back off of your forehead. I gain/lose ten years depending on whether my hair is pushed back or drooping down. It naturally falls forward if I don't 'train it' to stay back, though.

    If you have a non-oval shaped face this might also be of interest to you:


    • Judging from my pics, do I look young lol? And my only problem is I have an awkward head shape from the side. Sloped forehead and a mouth that sticks out like a Neanderthal link which is why most short hairstyles don't suit me.

    • Ah, now that I've actually seen your pics I'd say you look fine.

      But do try the hair pushed back thing; I can't tell you how many times I'd come out of the shower and thought how differently I looked with my wet hair slicked back. You may need to grow your hair out longer though to keep it from spiking.

      Keep in mind the main things we guys can change our appearances with are: hair style, facial hair style, eyebrow shaping, clothing, and body sculpting through building and/or weight loss.

    • Yeah, I like my hair long but it's takes ages and in the time between now and my desired length my hair looks terrible lol

      And yeah, currently trying to buff up lol


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What Girls Said 4

  • Omg I swear to you even before I saw the bottom pick I was going to suggest a fo-hawk

    So go for it!

    • Haha, it looks good ay! :P

    • Very good!

  • go for a short zac efron look

    • Like the pic posted below?

  • I like it.

  • if you are that hot then you can pull it off, and yeah you do need a haircut

    • Can you post pics of suggested hairstyles?

What Guys Said 5

  • you can be cool like this guy and have your hair be multi-tasking and lady killing at once link

  • While you're at it, you might wanna take that thing off your face. Unless you were born without a chin or a mouth or sumpin.

    • But that's my 'thing'! It's what makes people recognize me as your residential GaG ninja lol

    • Ah. In that case, carry one. ; - )

    • Will do! :P

  • Go for the mohawk, lad. Go for the mohawk.

  • you need a perfect face for a girl to like u

    • w0t?

      I'm doing this for me, not chicks lmao. I just don't know much about hairstyles so I wanted suggestions from everyone... -_-

  • go for it dude. your current hairstyle makes you look like you work at a laundry mat.

    • Lmao, do you know any hairstyles that you think might suit me though lol?

    • I'd say experiment with different looks you find online like that pic you posted. the good thing your hair will grow back no matter what you do to it.

      besides anything will look better than that mop top. only kidding.

    • Aight man, will do. By the way, I actually used to take pride in my mop head style lol