How do I drop my "good boy clean cut" dress style and adopt a more "mysterious bad boy" style?

i am moving to new york and I want to still be myself but look different


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  • Aww, although mysterious bad boys are attractive, I would love to see men with a good boy look more because they look friendly, approachable, and comfortable to be with.. But anyway, my perception of an attractive mysterious bad boy is someone who walks with kinda big steps with straight body or masculine figure... who is confident and graceful with the way he moves and acts.. someone who speaks less but in a cool manner and less facial expressions.. Always calm.. And not fond of moving.. (ex: when I call him, his eyes look at me but not the body or head)... There.. Someone who rarely smiles but when he smiles, its genuine... :)

    It would be good to represent yourself in a different way but I suggest having or maintaining the look that represents who you are. :) And where you are most comfortable at without having to change the things that you normally do. :)

    • fabulous answer...

      just what I was looking for! so its in the persona and style at the same time

    • Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you appreciated my answer.. And I hope that your transformation will be successful, <3 oh and by the way, no matter what transformation you do, your heart/character will always be the one that will shine.. :) Good luck! :)


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  • dress edgier

  • well dress like kanye or chris brown.

  • uhm, I think it could work

  • I've never understood mysterious, but I guess some girls go for it. I had a really close guy friend who was mysterious as hell who often struggled with the ladies, though. Despite being quite good looking and also a guitar player. Just don't cross that fine line between being mysterious and damagedly weird. I say that without malice because I am a bit damagedly weird myself, but I wouldn't put on that type when most people are trying to escape it.

    Anyway, here are a few style tips that you can mix and match to make yourself seem a little less clean cut:

    Stop wearing sneakers with dress clothes.

    If your facial hair looks good, grow some facial hair. I'm partial to beards, personally.

    Grow your hair just a 1/4 inch longer.

    Start wearing different colors than usual.

    Stop buttoning your shirts all the way up.

    Switch up the style of the shirts you wear: instead of baggy graphic tees or polos, wear plain colored tees. Instead of oxfords, wear military style button ups. Those are just ideas.

    Get GQ magazine: most of the guys are stylish without seeming preppy.

    I'm not a scholar of style, of course, but those are some tips that I think would be helpful when studying guys I know.

    • Oops, that should have said 1/2 inch.

    • buttoning shirts all the way up and wearing sneakers with dress clothes isn't clean cut its ... just ... wrong.

  • get tattoos and piercings..

  • Ummmmm...seriously?I live in Newyork and new york and this is a place where people are more than comfy being themselves.Take that and do what you will.Bad boy style?Honestly at the end of the day,no one will care.


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  • Doesn't take a lot to switch up styles mate!

    To change from the current to 'mysterious bad boy'. quite simple,

    Step 1: Get a decent haircut, go for spikey hair, kinda like David Beckham but spikey?

    Step 2: Some Jeans, short sleeve button shirt will do the trick!

    Step 3: Let the facial hair flow mannnnn, until you get to the point where you can trim yourself down to a goatee (only a goatee)

    Step 4: Grab some neat kicks, get some decent Shades, and you on you way!

    This is just my perspective on 'mysterious bad boy' style, some may view differently, but meh, sh*t happens. good luck buddy,

    P.S. I'm moving from Australia to America soon, and this will definitely be one of the looks I'll be going for, especially the fact I would like to change my whole personality/person before I get over there, the whole "Fresh start" bullsh*t. Goodluck mate!

  • The appropriate way to be yourself but look different in a city like new york is to absolutely not be a hipster. However, if people are constantly saying you are a hipster, you're doing it right.