Am I too small?? : /

i just read someone's question and she was "petite" at 5' 1" and a size 0 dress...

i'm 5' 5.5" and I just bought my graduation dress... it's a size 00 and kind of loose (yes, that's double zero, not a typo. I know that two zeros is still zero and girl sizes make no sense.)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd have to see pics.

    • Hmm... well on my reality check for do I have style there's pretty much the only full body shot of me since I was 12 in existence. I hate having my pic taken so I don't allow it too often. :/ I'm not exactly the most photogenic person in the world

    • There. I posted a pic of me in my prom dress last night... that's about as much of me as people ever see