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Am I too small?? : /

i just read someone's question and she was "petite" at 5' 1" and a size 0 dress... i'm 5' 5.5" and I just bought my graduation dress... it's a size... Show More

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  • I'd have to see pics.

    • Hmm... well on my reality check for do I have style there's pretty much the only full body shot of me since I was 12 in existence. I hate having my pic taken so I don't allow it too often. :/ I'm not exactly the most photogenic person in the world

    • There. I posted a pic of me in my prom dress last night... that's about as much of me as people ever see

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  • According to your pics and measurements, you are, in fact, NOT too small.

    • According to her pics and measurements...she's hot!!

    • Umm... thanks..

  • You're very attractive -- you look very healthy in the prom dress...frankly, I was worried you'd look gaunt, based on your question.But you're a very pretty girl... don't worry.

What Girls Said 3

  • You're definitely petite. I used to be a size zero, but I don't think it's anything to be afraid of. It's your body, just own it. One of my friend's little sister is about your size, and it she's fine. She looks healthy to me.

  • not small at all! you probably look really tall, considering you're pretty thin. as long as you're happy, you shouldnt care what others think :)

  • When people say size 0, that's an American size isn't it? Or do Australians ans Americans have the same size clothing?

    • You're from Australia!? that's awesome! my fantasy vacation spot! anyway... I'm sure it's American size.. I've never left the US so I don't know how things are sized elsewhere sorry.. :(

    • Lol aww that's good come on over lol yer I think it is because I'm size 8, and size 6 people are pretty small, so I couldn't imagine a size 00 lol but hey I could be wrong.

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