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Mens' clothes are boring

I'm really tired of mens' clothes always being the same damn thing over and over again. If a guy wants to dress up he's stuck with some variation of... Show More

I don't even care enough to keep following this thread, you're all going to either make fun or try to convince me of mens' styles anyway. My complaint is that all male styles look almost exactly the same, and that's not something that can be fixed here.

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  • I think you have a point. When I go shoe shopping, I can't but notice that guys' shoes are like the same colours : grey, black, red, blue, white, brown ---there are no greens or purples lol.So I guess it's just because it looks less frilly and whatever.But I've seen some other shirts which are more expressive like a lot of graphic tees --- there's more style options there and mixing with certain lids (hats), it looks hot. I kinda like the b-boy style or casual look on guys so I would know. No I think you should do more shopping. I see a lot of neat stuff in the guys section but I obviously wouldn't wear it lol I go shopping for my brothers sometimes

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  • lol..try pairing like kahki pants with a polo..or like white jeans with a black polo..there are different things you can do that doesn't restrict you to a suit.

    • That was just an example, everything is just tiny variations on the same thing, unlike women's clothes which are extremely variable.

  • I happen to agree with you.Girls clothes are so much more exciting and sexy,too.If you feel that way,why don't you try crossdresssing?Seriously.I know a lot of guys who crossdress,all to different varying degrees.I actually think that a guy,in panties,pantyhose,skirt,dress and heels is kinda sexy,and really cuty.One thing,though.Please shave your legs if you do.I love guys in drag,but I recoil at the sight of a pair of hairy legs in nylons.Yuk!My current boufriend loves trying on some of my things,and when he does,he gets really aroused and then we end up having a great romp in the sack. I even started buying him some things of his own.

  • They are NOT boring. You can wear and match everything a girl wears, except for some few exceptions you probably know by now. There are a lot of fun graphic tees, colorful shoes, cardigans, blazers, shorts, etc. Not just a 'variation of a suit' you mentioned. There are a lot of styles and you can mix all of them. Then you'll be overwhelmed by how fun and different mens clothes can be.

  • Where is the question?

    • I was just ranting.

    • Then create an article, that's what the feature is there for.

  • Wow that's funny you say that...i totally don't agree with you, my man likes me to pick clothes for him which I do.There is cool denims/jeans with a waistcoat and shirt to dress upalso cool jeans with a blazer to dress uptheres also v neck tshirts to wear under a blazer instead of a shirtthere is vneck jumpers you could wear a polo under them,there is long sleeve tshirts you could wear a normal tshirt ontop of that to dress a david beckham look.men have jeans. trousers, combats, shorts, 3.4 lengh trousers. trackpantswoman have the same but only one more thing which is skirts.i think mens clothing are a lot better then womans actually a lot cooler looking.there is milions of styles for men google some style icons.

What Guys Said 5

  • ? I don't see what the big idea is complaining about what another man wears. After all, if women aren't complaining about it, why should you? I like to always change my style every other day, and I suspect so do you. But I've never thought men's clothes were boring.

    • I couldn't care less what other guys wear, I was referring to myself.

    • Well then, exactly what type of style or look are you referring to in need of change or suggestion?

  • youre gay aren't you?

    • A. That's irrelevant.B. No I'm not.

  • if your bored of mens clothes why don't you wear some womens clothing I honestly don't mind what you wear.just be happy.

  • you just need to find "your look" I know I did, try looking for what you think you look best in, then do comparisons and ull eventually get into a good groove with it

  • They don't all look the same. Theres so many guy styles and theyre all different.goth, skater, preppy, baller, rocker, emo, casual, surfer, youre going to say all of those styles are the same? what are you looking for? just go queen if you're not satisfied with it

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