Mens' clothes are boring

I'm really tired of mens' clothes always being the same damn thing over and over again. If a guy wants to dress up he's stuck with some variation of a suit, all of which look the same.

I hate mens' clothes.

I don't even care enough to keep following this thread, you're all going to either make fun or try to convince me of mens' styles anyway. My complaint is that all male styles look almost exactly the same, and that's not something that can be fixed here.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you have a point. When I go shoe shopping, I can't but notice that guys' shoes are like the same colours : grey, black, red, blue, white, brown ---there are no greens or purples lol.

    So I guess it's just because it looks less frilly and whatever.

    But I've seen some other shirts which are more expressive like a lot of graphic tees --- there's more style options there and mixing with certain lids (hats), it looks hot. I kinda like the b-boy style or casual look on guys so I would know.

    No I think you should do more shopping. I see a lot of neat stuff in the guys section but I obviously wouldn't wear it lol I go shopping for my brothers sometimes