What is she thinking ?

So my workplace is in the same building as another firm. There is this Asian girl that I find attractive and she looks particularly natural and I could say unaware of her beauty.

I am myself a pretty decent guy with plenty of confidence. Not a guy to kill for but, for sure proud to be with.

I have spoken with this girl a few times already between our crossed breaks and finally added her to ''Facebook'' to further these conversations.

It has been 2 weeks already and she did not ''Add'' me yet even though she has been on it. ( She changed her name )

At work she is still speaking with me at any occasions that she gets and when she walks away she looks backward and smile at me.

My question is, what to think ? Are there girls out there who make request pending until they know the person more ?

Or she is just trying to evade me for some reason ?


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  • She could well be leaving it until she knows you more, or possibly she uses a mobil devise so sometimes it is hard to tell if you actually have a request sometimes on them, especially if you check then get distracted and forget about it. It seems like she is interested, though, so do continuebecoming acquaimted with her. Maybe it could turn into somehimg.


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  • well she's just playing it to be interesting and get your attention.

  • i think maybe she could be playing hard to get


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  • she weird man. she might want to wait to add you so she doesn't look desperate.