Would she try to make me jealous?

I feel this girl and I have some pretty serious chemistry going on here at work. But, I think she likes to play games. She will chat me up a few days in a row and then cut me off and go aloof. It's like clockwork every week a few days on a few off. Some days she will just lock eyes with me and smile. She plays with her hair a lot when we go on our group lunches. Today at lunch she sat across from me and my buddy. When we first got there I saw her do a sexy little hair flip and look at him, at least I think she was looking at him. And it made me super jealous. Then later she was at the copier while we were talking at he looked over first, I looked a moment later and it looked like she had just finished flipping her hair. Then she locked eyes with me and gave me this over the shoulder stare. Instead of thinking it was for me I was thinking is he was flirting with him. How do I know if she's trying to make me jealous?


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  • I'm not entirely too sure, but she could be going for you, or your friend.

    Above is mostly your point of view, but what if she's doing the same to him and just using you to get closer to him?

    Although it may seem that she is interested in you from your chemistry. To see if she's interested, end the conversations earlier every now and then. It's not good to keep talking to someone so long, I mean you can only talk about so much about what happened in a day.

    If you want, you can play the staring game with her. Occasionally stare at her until she notices you're staring at her, keep doing this for awhile and then just smile and look away after a while. This will provoke her to stare at you so more and make her interested in why you're looking at her so often. Every now and then, just look back at her.

    Also, try to spend some time with her without your buddy being there. You should also talk to him about it and see if he likes her, cause this might be trouble :P

    • I'm not sure that he likes her as he has a girlfriend. How would she use me to get closer to him? We walk and talk all the time at the office, I am the only one she does this with.

    • should have said he had a girlfriend xP

      Well then, she is most likely trying to make you jealous so that you would make the first move and try to ask her on a date.


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  • i think she only likes the other guy

  • i think she could like both, but if you do like her you should try to win ehr over and flirt with her a lot


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  • You're quite reading things. Just ask her out if you like her.