What are your thoughts on this kind of answer?

"The biggest complaint from Guy metal heads I've heard,including my husband, is girls pretending to be into metal and later on finding out they aren't. Most metal head guy's are so wrapped up in their music that they don't have a type...they just want a girl that gets their love of metal and will really enjoy it as much as they do.

So if you head bang, live for that deep metal growl and go weak in the knees over a serious guitar riff then you are a headbangers dream girl! Trust Me."

i may be looking for a metalhead, but I'm not gonna limit myself to one


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  • For me I need the guy I'm with to be into the same type of music because music is a HUGE part of my life, my life revolves around it. From my band, to going to concerts all the time any time I can, from blaring it in my car lol

    If they don't like it then they won't like me because its around me all the time.

    • Well I think the point that the person was trying to make is that, guys who are metalheads don't care what kind of girl they have, as long as theyre appreciating his taste in music etc... ya know?


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  • And your question is..?

    • The question is what do you think of that womans answer to the question of "will women date guy metalheads"?

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  • I myself am in love with metal. And I want my girl to be girly and be into her own thing, but hey if she can relate to my music too that's a bonus, But music taste is nothing to me in a girl.