So ladies.. if you saw a cute guy who you'd feel attracted to on the streets, how would you react?

would you look him in the eye? avoid his look? smile? look twice? and would it be too awkward if this guy approached you and asked for your number? well maybe it would be better if he would give his own number hehe (wow so many woulds!)


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  • well if I thought he was good looking, I would definitely give him a smile and a look. I think it would be very refreshing to have a guy just come up and talk and flirt. and then ask for my number. I don't think I would like a guy just coming up and giving me his number...seems like the guy would be into himself too much. def turn off

  • A polite smile usually but other times when I am in the mood I will look him in the eye. Akward if a guy approached for my number...I can only dream...


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