How can I prevent this?

I have noticed that my hair goes through this cycle where it seems like it gets very thin and short after a few months and it doesn't grow back. My hair used to be almost past my chest, but now it's just passing my shoulders. I admit I've been the type to stress out over almost everthing, but four years of depression (including today) has taken its toll on me. I am also a vegitarian of five years, and I don't take all my vitimins. I don't know how to stop my hair from thinning and falling out. I wash it every other day if even that. I braid it at night. I try to take care of it, but it just gets thinner and shorter every few months. I know I shouldn't be so stressed out but losing my hair is making me stress out even more, and I stress out a lot. My family tells me I need to stop worrying about everything, but I even worry about things that I know are going to work out. I just want my healthy hair back. Now it looks so thin and short. It doesn't look thin when dry, but that's because my hair naturally looks volumized. It looks a little curly but more on the wavy side, and that's what covers up the thiness that you would see when it is wet. If you can, whoever you are, please give me some tips on what I should do, or maybe some products that will prevent me from thinning. I use hair masks with eggs, honey, olive oil, and avacodo, but it hasn't been helping. I think a year of doing this is pateint enough. I am starting to really worry. Please help in any way. Thanks.


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  • Being a vegetarian and not taking your vitamins could be affecting your health. I have never been very fond of meat, I would eat it every once in a while, I took a regular multivitamin every day, and I still got anemia (iron deficiency).

    I didn't notice my hair getting thinner, but it actually stopped growing for a while. Once I was diagnosed and started taking iron pills, my hair started growing again :)

    I actually feel a lot better in general. Less sleepy, less hungry, less thirsty, better stamina, and just better performance all around.

    You should look into it :)


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  • Are you using cheap shampoos with a lot of toxic ingredients in it?

    How is your diet? Do you eat organic foods?

    Have you taken a blood test to see if all your vitamins are on normal levels?

  • Amazon is a good place to buy hair products. One could get customer reviews and ratings before making a choice. One product me and my friends tried was Reloxe. We had heard about it's ability to naturally grow back hair and it worked within only a few months! Try it and see, you too will be a believer. I think the website is

  • try putting coconut oil on the ends.