How hard can it be? any advice appriciated.

I have a daughter (7) I'm looking into moving away with her. I hate my home town and don't want her growing up here. Hopefully make a 3-5year plan first. Save and visit the place a lot over them years and job hunt school hunt etc. here's the prob her dad is on her birth cert and sees her 2ce a week I know il have a fight on my hands as he won't want mw to take her no matter what. I understand but I ain't leaving without her and he complains that 2c a week he even finds hard to take her. I'm not a bad person id be willing to come back maybe a few weeks during each year I'm gone and he can have her for them weeks eg. Id come home for Xmas and maybe school holidays? Id also leave him visit and stay whenever he wanted. Have I any hope if he does goto court or is there other ways around it. I'm from england looking to go America.


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  • From what you are saying, no you don't have any hope. If he fights it in court you need to convince a judge. That girl deserves to see her father. If you want to take her away you need a darn good reason. You have not given that reason except to say you don't like your home town. A judge isn't going to go for that.

    You say you are looking to go to America. How? You can't just move there because you want to. You won't be allowed into the country unless you have a sponsor.

    That child has a right to know her father, more than just a couple weeks per year at Christmas. You just aren't convincing and haven't provided a good reason for not giving that to her. Without that a judge isn't going to rule in your favor.


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  • all depends on the family courts in England. Speak with a lawyer.

  • moving because you want to move would be very selfish...have you asked your daughter if she would want to move? think about others before yourself

    • My daughter is excited about the idea its not just for me. I don't like my home town and think she deserves better than to be brought up here.There's isn't much opportunity for either of us here. I haven't thought of this over night its been a decision iv thought about for many years id miss my family of course and would be visiting often

    • im just saying think abou others before yourself

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  • If You think it's the right thing go for it