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I am thin but have large boobs (like in the DD area) and because of this I'm always super self-conscious in bathing suits. What type of bathing suit is best for my body type and do you know anywhere specific I should look to buy them? I'm 18 and the popular stores (bluenotes, stitches, urban behavior etc.) seriously don't cut it for me. I mean seriously, can they not comprehend the idea of a teen with a rack!? It's impossible to find nice bathing suits that fit me!


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  • So, let me understand this... you are basically describing yourself as what we men call "alot of top, no bottom". (There is another term we use, but I don't want to offend you, Mlle.).

    My thinking would be to go with the french-cut, one-piece. I think this would accentuate the appropriate "assets" of your body, from what you've shared.

    (Straight) Men are fashion idiots anyway; I have no idea who bluenotes, stitches, etc. are. Boob guys are crazy for your "rack"; ass guys like me probably don't even notice you unless you smile.

    "I like big butts and I cannot lie"... I like my babes little in the middle and she got much back.

    Never trust a big butt and a smile.

    • Haha well they aren't popular fashion stores they're cheap teen stores. Anyway, my butt is pretty small. I have the dumbest body ever. Thanks for those inspiring quotes by the way ;)

      But thank you for your advice :)


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  • I grew up on an island and knew a couple of girls in our small high school who had similar issues. There are two things you need to be confident about: you are blessed with large boobs that EVERYONE admires ... I promise you that; you are blessed with a petite body frame that is lovely. Those two attributes are rarely seen together, but they are the stuff dreams are made of! Most ladies with large boobs are also a little big. No problems with that, as I love a curvy woman. However, the sheer exoticism of a petite woman is hypnotic. Add a couple of big boobs ... holy cow, girl! Here is what my friends did. They had to buy two bathing suits. One for their amazing tops and the other for their dainty bottoms. It was not hard for either to find girlfriends who needed small tops or bigger bottoms, so they'd give those to them.

  • I think the problem is not your awesome rack, but your self consciousness about it. You were blessed. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Love it. Everyone - man, woman, boy, and girl - appreciates an endowed woman. Nothing to be ashamed of.


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  • I had the same problem, I just switched to bikinis, since I couldn't find anything for my body type, plus in bikinis the top and bottom dosnt have to be the same size

    • True, it's so frustrating though!

  • La vie on rosé swim suits, mix and match.

    • Thanks, which type of top though?

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    • I got some really nice ones and they're great! Ty

    • Awesome, you're welcome