Is this guy hitting on me when he says I look like a model?

So there's this guy in my algebra class who stares at me (by me I mean my body) a lot and yesterday he told me I look like I could be a model. Is that a compliment or something? I'm 5"9,115 lbs. Is he hitting on me or simply stating what he thinks? Very confused. He's a senior and I'm a junior. ?


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  • Watch out for this guy. Girls simply love it to be given a compliment like that because most girls try to look like those said models in the first place. It's a great way to quickly flatter a girl into liking the guy. It's one of the most nasty compliments I know, and I will never say that to a girl in my life.

    I'd say he just wants some ass, and then move on to the next girl.

    • Today he also stated there was no **** block inbettween us anymore so that what I'm figuring.


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  • He is hitting on you but given his age I'd believe he just wants sex. I would more want to compliment a girl on a skill she was good at.


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  • What do you mean is that a compliment?

    Of course it is!

    Models are usually seen as attractive and "perfection".

    He looks as if he likes you sexually because he is mostly staring at your body.