I am thinking about asking this grocery girl out?

I dress in dress shirts, pants and shoes. So I always look pretty nice. I usually go in a bit later after work. So occasionally, we kinda chit chat about what I'm buying, and I ask if she's tried it, she asks me why I would eat this and blah. She's pretty. Not usually my type at all. But I thought about just asking her out. I don't know why, she seems like she could be really nice and maybe a lot of fun.


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  • You should buy a flower (usually they sell flowers at grocery stores) and after she rings it up you should give it to her and ask her if she'd want to go with you on one of her days off.


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  • All you can do is ask! You never know, she may be thinking the same thing. And if not, at least you asked.


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  • That sounds pretty brave to me hehe. I don't think I would be able to ask out a grocery girl. But it seems like you have been talking a bit before, so wouldn't be a bad idea at all.