Do guys really only look for the perfect, skinny girls?

I'm going to explain myself the best I can to give everyone the best mental picture.. to start I'm not skinny but I am not fat. I have a little bit of a tummy, so a little chubby, and I also have love handles. I have a nice sized butt, not small at all but not BAM. 36C is the bra size. I have a fat va****. Like when I wear yoga pants or swimsuits it sticks out from the sides and I hate it. I get told I'm one of the nicest people that person has met and I've been told I have a pretty face (again just trying to give everyone a better idea.) I'm about 5'4 1/2. I'm just wondering if I'm considered disgusting to men since I'm not size 2 and not skinny and stuff.. thanks.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The more shallow guys will go for the skinny girls-in my opinion, especially if they're in their beginning high school years. But not all guys like athletic or skinny girls, some guys like chubbier girls, some guys prefer big boobs over smaller boobs. So it depends on the guy, the age, and his maturity level. I understand that sometimes people can't control their natural body weight(whether it's a skinny person or a bigger person) though. But don't feel like you have to be skinny for some guy to like you. You have to be more accepting of yourself, which will increase your confidence. Many people are attracted to people who are confident in themselves. It doesn't matter so much as how much you weigh, as long as you're healthy.