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Do guys really only look for the perfect, skinny girls?

I'm going to explain myself the best I can to give everyone the best mental picture.. to start I'm not skinny but I am not fat. I have a little bit... Show More

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  • The more shallow guys will go for the skinny girls-in my opinion, especially if they're in their beginning high school years. But not all guys like athletic or skinny girls, some guys like chubbier girls, some guys prefer big boobs over smaller boobs. So it depends on the guy, the age, and his maturity level. I understand that sometimes people can't control their natural body weight(whether it's a skinny person or a bigger person) though. But don't feel like you have to be skinny for some guy to like you. You have to be more accepting of yourself, which will increase your confidence. Many people are attracted to people who are confident in themselves. It doesn't matter so much as how much you weigh, as long as you're healthy.

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  • Most of us these days look at skinny girls because clothes are mostly designed for them and they look good all the time in almost anything.But once we get to know someone, we don't place such value on how she looks on the cover of a fashion magazine; it's more how she looks AT us.So relax and don't worry too much about things you can't change. But DO try to lose the fat, especially the tummy...

  • There's no such thing as perfect.Some guys care more about 'a little chubby' and less about other things. Others don't mind a little chubby if she's pretty. If you're not downplaying your weight, you are almost certainly not 'disgusting to men'. Men find far more women to be purely sexually desirable then women find men to be. You're thinking like a woman - where only a few guys are -really- hot and the rest maybe win you over with personality and looking okay.Guys find lots of girls - girls like you most likely - to be kind of hot. But the downside is ... guys find -lots of girls- to be kind of hot. Not just supermodels, but other, average girls that they might, in fact, be able to get. So it doesn't mean all that much.

  • I personally think there is noting wrong with a little extra. We can't expect every girl to be as skinny as models (with isn't exactly healthy). However, I have that I am extremly turned of by girls who are just plain fat. I am not trying to be judgmental, but is does not work for me. Much like most girl aren't into fat guys.I think you are fine though. While there are some guys out their who only for for the o-so-sexy(/sarcasm) anorexia look, there are lots of guys who are more realistic

  • I'm going to be 100% honest with you. No BS.The fact is that MORE are attracted to skinny/athletic girls than there are men who are attracted to chubby girls. In that same token, more men are attracted to chubby girls than there are men who are attracted to obese/fat girls.If you want to be as attractive as you can possibly be, to as many men as possible (thereby giving better options on the quality of men you can date) you would not go wrong by getting in shape. HOWEVER, 90% of men are attracted to any pretty (faced) girl that isn't TOO overweight. Unfortunately, there is a point where you can get so overweight that you will reduce your chances of finding a man who'll find you attractive to near zero.Personally speaking, I'm attracted to curvy women with thick hips and thighs. So to answer your question, no. Chubby girls are pretty cute too.

  • It depends, are we referring to men or children? Because most men that I have met have a dream girl from every body type. It's the boys who conform to what they see on the magazines. No disrespect to skinny girls, because I love yaw too. But whether you're skinny or curvy, if your oretty and take care if yourself I think your perfect.

  • Perfection doesn't exist.I generally go for curvy women. to me it's more attractive/feminine than being stick thin.

    • No, I do not accept YOUR answer because you have no power of knowledge over me nami.

    • yeah.. knowledge that likes in women are subjective...

  • Teenagers are incredibly shallow. So for the most part guys your age will only look for skinny girls. As you get older this gets less important.

  • I need a picture.

  • I would have to see a picture but I generally go for skinny girls. I don't really know what size a size 2 or 5 would be without a picture

  • not really into skinny women I like big

  • You're going to be fine.

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