Skin is dry and oily, is there anything I can do to fix it?

I don't really have that much money at the moment and I wouldn't be able to afford to go see a dermatologist so I'm trying to figure out if there is anyone with the same thing that found something to fix it?

My skin gets VERY dry, like to the extent that it often looks very dried out and I don't think it looks healthy. spots and scabs will take much longer to heal because of it. At the same time, my skin gets very oily, so it looks like it is greasy on top but dry and flakey at the same time. I try to wash my face and body a lot but it just feels drier and I feel the only thing I can do is moisturise it which kind of just greases off.

not sure how else to describe it but is there anything out there that can help?


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  • You could try to put coconut oil on and let your skin absorb it. You will see the difference and since it's natural it isn't harmful for most of people.

    • what would that do specifically

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    • i'm going to try it! :), does it matter what coconut oil I get? I see there are lots, some you eat, others you put on your face

    • I use refined or pure. I'll give you some links so you can decide.




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  • Are we talking about all over your body or only your face? I think your skin might be both dry and oily simply because it's so dry that it's trying to compensate by sometimes overproducing oils. What you need is a light moisturizer and/or body lotion, something that will fix the dryness but not make your skin overly oily either. Stay away from rich moisturizers and lotions. Also, a good peeling will help get rid of the dryness as well, granted you put moisturizer on afterward. You could try finding some face masks for your skin type as well. And no, before anyone objects, it's not gay/girly/weird/gross for a guy to wear a face mask or use moisturizers/lotions. Taking care of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. :)

    • its always been like this since 15 I think. I always use moisturiser and body lotion. I use it everyday actually but I just get more oily and have terrible acne because of it

    • Then you're using the wrong kind who is not for your skin type. It's all about trial and error! Go to a shop that sells skincare products and have someone assist you in choosing the right thing for you and your skin type.

    • which* is not for your skin type... hahaha

  • there are different things that work for different people,you'll have to experiment. you need to exfoliate (not too often) to get rid of the dead skin,and you need to moisturize-your skin is probably oily because it's actually dry,and it's compensating. drink a lot of water,and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. moisturize with something that is light,but hydrating. you can use coconut oil,it helps with acne. some say apple cider vinegar helps.

    • i already drink tons of water but my skin will alwways get oily regardless even if I haven't tried to dry my skin. even worse when I moisturise it but I will take note on the rest

  • Not a thing


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  • I had the same problem you had. In my case it was eczema caused by an overuse of cheap soaps. The skin was both "dry" and "oily" at the same time. The dryness was the eczema caused by soap, the oil was my skin trying to compensate for the constant washing.

    I tried oils, creams and even some expensive medicines but to no avail. But then a dermatologist ( an MD) told me that all the creams soaps were causing the eczema.

    The solution was to stop using soap. And only use skin creams and deodorant of the hyper-allergic kind. Helped me a lot. Now I only use hot water to wash, massaging my scalp thoroughly with my fingers, and rubbing down my body with my hands to clean myself.

    This changed everything for me. I used to have skin that looked like dried up mudflats, but that was all caused by the eczema. I am also no longer shedding dandruff on every surface I come into contact with. Scalp is also much better.

    The first two weeks without using soap for washing is horrible. You never feel clean. But then the body readjusts

    • what if I just use soap for my arm pits and the the expected bits?

    • if it is just the soap. I don't know what to substitute is with since soap seems the best at getting rid of smell from the particular areas. I will jsut use it there then. the thing is I never use soap on my face and it has the exact same problems

    • Eczema unfortunately can pop up even on areas that you're not exposing to the irritant. That is what is meant by Atopic Eczema. I will for instance have rashes in my armpists if I put deodorant anywhere on my body. Go to the drugstore and get a special soap for hyper-allergic people, no scent, as little chemical as possible. Then try using as little of it as possible. Rinse off the soap thoroughly after washing and make shure you dry yourself properly.

  • See if any females you know can recommend what they use. Most girls have a good grounding in keeping their skin looking nice! They're better than MDs