Why are only girls mean to me? Why do they start problems?

Alot of random girls start problems with me. I don't dress weird, nor am I I overweight. Random girl on the street are always startin problems with me. Then girls I know always make me look like a whore in front of other guys. Once I was at dunkin donuts and this guy was waiting for his meal. He was in the way of the napkins and I mumbled under my breath hurry up. His friend (girl) looked at me and said why did you just tell him to hurry the f*** up. I said I didn't. She said yeah you did, with the biggest smirk on her face. I said no I didn't, don't put words in my mouth. She just looked at me and gave an evil smirk. Then once I was buying tickets at the train station and these two girls were making sounds and I looked then they looked t me and started laughing. Tody I was walking and these girls in the car starting barking and laughing.

Guys never start problems with me or act rude. Guys with me or a little too touchy, feely, make corny jokes, flirt, etc

Are these jealously signs from girls?


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  • It sounds like you're a pretty girl who looks/seems weak.

    They are obviously threatened by you and that's the reason they start sh*t with you, but they keep trying you because they sense submissiveness from you and know you won't do anything about it


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  • Women hate women.

    You can take any two girlfriends. Been girlfriends for 25 years. You stick a Nan between them and they be like "f*** that bitch" "F*** THAT BITCH"

    Women compete by tearing each other down. They see you as competition and are making you feel inferior.


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  • These women sound like they're insecure themselves, so putting down others makes them feel better about themselves and/or that they are jealous of you, they might think you are more physically attractive than they are.