I know jeans are super popular but I really don't think I look best in them, anyone else that way?

i am short and curvy (kind of like kim k body, where I'm not quite fat but not exactly skinny and most of my weight lies in my hips, thighs, breasts, and butt. I am NOT trying to brag, I just mean that is my type of frame).

anyhow when it is winter and I can wear boots I like to wear pants because the boots elongate my legs. but when it's warm out, I feel so much thinner and sexier in skirts.

i also seem to get more compliments and male attention when I wear pencil skirts (not mini skirts, mid thigh or longer) as opposed to jeans. my legs are toned but thick and the skirt highlights my butt and waist a lot more than the pants do, which just seem to draw attention to my thighs and wide hips.

i actually look better in leggings than jeans because they don't add extra bulk at the ankles or waist (jeans often have a thick waist band and I have short legs so jeans bunch at the bottom).


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  • hey=]

    i have the same figure as u, I'm probs bigger tho=/ but anyways yeh I feel the same way... but tbh I don't really care because I'm not really sure of what else to wear lol. so to create the illusion of making them look better, I fix up my style with jackets and tops that flatter my figure and yeh it does make a hugee difference to the jeans=]

    yeh I wear similar things also, it really is all about how we dress to suit OUR FIGURE, not what's popular. I have great style=] I wanna buy a new pencil skirt now haha=]

    • Babe, you'd look good wearing anything.

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    • i'm a DDD lol

    • omg! I didn't know there was such thing! dang girl;)


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  • Sounds like you dress well to me. Don't worry about popular. Dress for what works best for you.

  • Wear the skirts if you think you look better in them. I know I would not complain, girls looks so much better in skirts/dress then jeans.

  • sounds like jeans aren't flattering t all id wear skirts and dresses and steer clear of jeans and other skin tight clothing...


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  • I feel like jeans don't really look good on me unless I wear boots with them either lol I'm not really a skirt/dress type of girl so I wear a lot of tights and leggings or yoga pants and sweat pants :)

  • You don't always have to wear jeans. I have the same body-type as you so I can't wear skinny jeans because my thighs are full. Just wear a looser but well fitting jeans with more of a bell bottom. Works for me. And avoid light colored jeans.