What's wrong with my mom?

She is constantly putting me down saying I'm old, wrinkly. One day when my make up was done up she asked me if I could do hers like that, but I don't think cat eyes would look right on a 60 year old. She used to try to force me not to wear padded bras or any eye makeup. She also bought leather knee high boots and started wearing padded bras. If she hates the way I looks why does she keep imitating me? Is this a mid life crisis?

I uploaded a pic of my mom to my pis she's the one with glasses and black hair, guys find her kinda pretty still so she should feel good about herself not look to those half her age and feel envious, she had her time to be young and now it''s mine.


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  • shes jealous of your youth and beauty, by banning you from those things and wearing them herself she hopes to make herself look better than you.

    by putting you down she is trying to find flaws (non existant) to make herself feel better about her looks and when she saw how nicely you did your makeup she wanted you to make her look good too

    shes 60 so she's probably freaking out inside about being old and viewed as someones grandma (even if she isn't one) instead of the hot mother she still feels like inside. no one wants to grow old and the older you get the more you get jealous of younger people around you because you can never have your youth back


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  • Idk ask her to think about what she just said. If that doesn't work I'm sorry.


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  • Classic issues faced by psychologically underdeveloped older women. Often stemming from lack of positive male attention from a young age. She is jealous of your youth and beauty in a way that no mother should be.

  • She wants to feel young and look young.

    Have a heart to heart conversation with her. After all, she is your mother.

    Gather all the evidence and slam them in her face in the most respectful way possible. Maybe then, she'll speak up.

  • jealousy is what it all boils down to - I think all females envy each other...now can you help me answer some of my questions pls?

  • She's jealous of your looks because your mom is now an old hag

  • my mom gets like this too... It's jealous.

    • How or what is the best way to deal with because usually I just end up feeling angry and hurt, should I ignore her because I'll try ti talk to her about it, but she only gets angry.

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    • When she does have good days I cherish those times. Try not to hold grudges, but at the same time put a guard up so you don't get hurt. Laugh off the jealous comments. Mom's get insecure just like anyone else. She might not really mean it, she is just looking for an outlet for her anger... Stay strong, it will get easier when you learn to deal with it better, because she may never change her ways. If you do want a relationship with her then just try to deal with it. Kill her with kindness.

    • Thanks, I'll try that and you sound very mature and that's a great way to handle the situation.

  • It sounds like she may feel threatened by your beauty and youth. A lot of women are competitive when it comes to those things, even with their children (my grandmother and my mother do the same thing).

    My guess is that she's jealous of your beauty and your youth, and she's wishing she still had hers.

    Is she going through menopause right now? That could definitely exacerbate those feelings of inadequacy.

    • She went through menopause almost ten years ago, but I also noticed when my dad gives me compliments she gets angry and they are no longer together.

    • She just sounds jealous, in general.