Strong connection without looking at each other?

Ok so I was in class the other day and there's this boy that seats in front of me. We commented something about the class and then he turned away but left his arm in my desk and kept playing with my pens. At that moment I felt a really strong connection and felt really attracted to him. Is it possible that I was the only one feeling it? How can I know if he felt the same?


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  • well if he is messing with your stuff he probably likes you. that's how a lot of guys flirt, and you probably felt the attraction towards him when you subconsciously noticed him liking you. try and think of a time where a cute guy smiled at you and you didn't smile back. the only thing more attractive than a beautiful woman is one who likes you to. so most likely he feels the same, especially if you start to flirt too.


What Girls Said 1

  • it is possible only you felt it, you will know that he feels the same f he pursues you