He only pays attention to me when I'm alone, what other sign should I look for?

This guy only pays attention to me when other guys aren't. We work together, so a lot of guys talk to me there. He ignores me at that time unless I'm not getting attention or talking to a guy. He seem really shy though, but still attempts to flirt playfully (including touching). He will ask me random qs just to have a convo

He always has this angry or annoyed aura. The thing is he's younger then me. I don't know if I should go for it? What other signs should I look for


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  • Some guys don't like the idea of competing over a girl. They have a mindset that, if the girl isn't equally interested in them and putting forth the effort, she's just going to roll over and spread her legs for the guy that competes the hardest. If the guy is on the introverted side, he's much less likely to approach you until you're alone because he's mustered up all of his courage for just you - an audience just makes it worse.


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  • he might be shy about you. sometimes it's best if you don't let your friends see if you like a girl. this might be what is happening.


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  • You want to go for a guy that has an annoyed or angry aura. I would take that as a red flag and not overlook it...

    • Why

    • Anger is something that can't be controlled... who knows he could be the incredible hulk inside and just explode for no reason. I would hate for you to get hurt.