Better look, guys treat you better?

A guy didn't talk or notice me before, I didn't notice him either, same class but never talk. suddenly he initiates conversation, say hi and smiles to you after I changed my look, dressed up a little bit, not sexy though, why did he change? better look better treatment from guys?


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  • Definitely. Men are extremely visual and always want something pretty to look at and talk to. It helps if you're nice to everyone too. It'll make you appear more approachable, and then when you get the attention of the one you like, start being extremely nice!

  • yeah maybe ... I have observed that men usually treat beautiful ladies better at first time .. I don't know why , but I think it's a fact! so yeah if you want something out of this , try to dress up even more , but don't get really close to him ... moreover be kool with everyone , this way he ll get crazy! g luck hun