Ladies please help (haircut)

I'm so done trying to find a nice place to get my haircut

it seems like every time I go to a place they just don't do it right and I end up disappointed

Where do you guys go that actually cuts your hair and styles it and makes it look the way you want it to look?


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  • i cut mine myself because hairdressers never get it right but I go every 6 months so they can trim my hemline straight just incase I manage to wonk it up (I never have but I can't cut my hair from behind)

    once when I wanted a fringe (bangs) a hairdresser just took a chunk of hair at the front and chopped it short, she didn't bother to put ANY style or shape into it,it looked ridiculous and like I just had a random short chunk of hair and another time I went to one my nan recommended and she chopped my hair to a long bob length without my permission! I asked her to trim it (2 cms off tops) and she brushed it all back and cut across before I could tell what she was doing then justified it by saying "oh but your nan said you wanted something different!" uh no I can make my own decisions and she meant I wanted a different hairdresser

    heres the video I use to cut my fringe now, its very very easy and it looks great after:


    • to clarify it was a side fringe I wanted her to cut in not a full straight fringe so I had a whole forehead still showing (I have a side parting) and one random cut part at the side near my ears)

  • Gosh, this guy I like, I don't know where he gets it cut but I love it.

    I like his hair, his eyes his face, everything A guy with a good haircut is lucky