Do girls with boyfriends think like this?

Do girls with boyfriends still enjoy getting hit on, and checked out by other guys?

My girlfriend was saying that, even if I'm not there, she tries to look good enough to get hit on.

Now I'm not typically the jealous type. I am 100% OK with her trying to look her best. Even if she goes out without me.

But I didn't really think her motivation was like that. I believe in the whole look your best, feel your best attitude. But I never dress nicely because I want girls to be attracted to me

Is this a sign that she could potentially cheat? Or is this just how some girls think? Is it more of just an ego boost? Or are there other intentions?


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  • I have a boyfriend - been with him for 2 years. And if I'm not with him, I don't try so hard.

    I look the same whether I'm with him or not, but if I'm not with him I'll usually throw a baggy sweatshirt on over my clothes (usually on with his name on the back) and I just kind of emit a vibe that seems to say "do not approach me". I would never go out with the intent to get hit on unless I was with him.

    I feel weird if a guy flirts with me and he's not there anyway.

    My guess would be (assuming you have a good girlfriend) that it's just an ego boost for her.


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  • It's just an ego boost.

  • This is a very bad sign. It means she doesn't think you're good enough, and she's probably looking for new guys. I think she'll either cheat on you or trade up.

  • YES! She's totally gonna cheat, or she's going to dump you. It's bad.

  • If a girl is doing that to get hit on, there are two explanations.

    The most likely thing is she's looking for somebody better, or looking to cheat.

    The less likely is that she doesn't think you give her enough attention. (and possibly, she might say is her reason for cheating.)

    No matter what, this is a HUGE red flag.


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