Why is my boyfriend trying to change my looks?

The other day a girl walked by and my boyfriend made a statment that he wants me to have a body like her and stated that she has a nice body and that how he wants me to look.. he has also been for the last few months trying to get me to gain weight but its hard for me because this is just how my body is. I am skinny but not to skinny.. What should I do?


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  • I say he's taking what he has for granted. I'm sure he isn't perfectly and exactly what you want either, but you accept the person you are with, NOT try to change them. If he's so unhappy with it, then he'd be chasing after ''the perfect body,'' but maybe he's not in that league and does not have the confidence to chase it. Sooooo, it's easier for him to pick on you, wear away your self confidence with all these silly requests - but it is typical, I think, of a guy that age.

    • What should I say to him about it.

    • I think if it makes you feel bad like if who you are and how you look doesn't attract him, this would hurt anyone's feelings, more so if you are in love with that person - it is okay for him to express what he likes, but at the same time, what about showing some sensitivity to your feelings? Is it only more important what HE wants and how you feel means nothing?


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  • If you were skinny when he met you and he want to have a nice body than he don't care for you he only care for his new imagination. When he first met you he thought you had a nice body or he just wanted a piece of Ass until he can find that body he want. Trust me if you don't become the body that he want he will go out and get it and still keep you as a side dish. Most men do not know what they truly wan't so they cheat even if they don't want to. Hope I helped...

    • What do I say to him about it ... I was thinking about asking him why he wants me to change my body.. I mean foreal he isn't the best looking out there I have had better looking men then him so you know.

  • The reason is in the question... He just wants you to be sexier.

    Even if you're "naturally" skinny, you can always gain weight. And even if you're "naturally" big, you can always lose weight. That's never a problem.

    I just think that if YOU don't want to have a nicer body (according to him), he will have to be patient ! ^^

    • True and I see what your saying I was just wondering what he was trying to do and I don't mind putting on a extra few pounds for him..

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    • (Resuming...) And this really strengthen our relation. I feel safe, you see? (from other guys etc..) You know, when you have a relationship, it's better to use every link to strengthen it. This includes "body links"!

      If she had a nicer body I'd feel more attached to her. And I'd also be less tempted to look at other girls. (Yes it's pitiful but it's the reality...) Eventhough I'd don't do anything with other girls, I don't want to look at other girls, that's not cool. (To be continued...)

    • (...part 3) Moreover, if she made more efforts for me, I would be more beholden to her. We'd have more mutual esteem, respect, trust, and love. (THE END !)

  • Ditch him, and find someone who deserves to be with you!

  • stand your ground and grow some balls.


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  • well he migh tjust want the perfect girlfriend. ask him for stuff back if he gets really into changing you or something like make him get toned too