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Why do these guys keep looking at me?

There's a big group of guys that are really popular in my year at school. I'm one of the quiet girls and I don't speak to any of these guys, other... Show More

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  • it means uhot now nd they wanna tap that sh*t...

    but seriously did you get more attractive recently or get a better style or something?

    • Haha! That's the thing, I haven't really changed since last year? I don't know, people keep telling me I look skinnier but that's all xD but why would these guys all suddenly notice me? Even if one of them did find me attractive, there's quite a few of then that keep looking at me, it's a bit like they know something that I don't xD

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    • Hahaha yeah xD I hope I get used to it soon, it makes me really paranoid! XD

      Quite a few people have said I look like Dianna but with freckles across my nose 0;

      Thanks so much for your answer, it was very helpful(:

    • well you are very welcome and thanks for best answer

      have fun being HOT :D

What Guys Said 4

  • Seems like the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan lol.

    • Hahah, you think so? Only I don't think I look any different to last year! XD

    • I mean unless you have some face deformity, there really isn't any other reason they would be checking you out unless you looked cute/hot.

    • I guess so (': thanks for answering!

  • Either your breasts grew by 3 sizes, you suddenly got fit or some rumours have been going around that you're great in bed. Those are pretty much your 3 most likely reasons.

    • Haha this made me laugh xD thanks for your answer!

  • Gonna need pics for this

    It's really the only accurate way to tell

    • But them my identity would be revealed! ;D

      I've been told that I look like Diana Agron (Quinn from Glee) if that helps.

    • You must make the sacrifice if you want the noble truth I am sorry :(

What Girls Said 3

  • Best guess is that they find you attractive but I don't think anyone here can really tell you anything because we know less than you do. The only way you'll know what's going on is by talking to them, or even just one of them. See how they act around you and go from there.

    If you don't like the attention do something weird or unattractive and they might leave you alone lol.

    • Yeah I guess, it just seemed weird how they all suddenly started paying attention to me a few weeks ago when I don't look any different to any other time XD ah well, thank you for answering!

  • The guy you work with might like you

    Does it bother you ? Or freak you out ?

    You can try and find more about him when you work together

    • It sort of creeps me out 'cause I'm shy and like being able to fade into the background haha! Yeah I guess that's a possibility xD thanks for answering!

    • No problem

    • No problem

  • they could find you hot or weird

    • Haha yeah I guess so :'D thanks for your answer(:

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