Do guys find it awkward if a girl looks at them like this?

I made eye contact with this guy and I found him very very attractive. I kind of took in his whole face and stared longer than I should have lol. Not like minutes or anything but a couple seconds longer than I should have. My mind literally went blank because all I could think of is how cute he was lol.

We talked for a bit and when he said "bye" I said bye too and stared at the floor lol. Yeah I know I'm a little awkward lol.

Do guys find this flattering, creepy, or do they just not notice? Maybe what I did wasn't even noticeable but I'm just thinking about it because I'm a little embarrassed lol. I get self-conscious around guys who I think are cute.


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  • No, we don't find it awkward at all.

    It's more awkward when you're obviously uncomfortable, like when you're staring at the floor instead of making eye contact. Then you're just ruining it for everybody.


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  • He probably thought it was charming. If you hadn't been talking to him before hand he might think you were withdrawn and ignoring him, but glancing down at the end would seem bashful. A lot of guys find bashfulness cute in a girl.

  • its cute.. don't worry

  • I have no idea what girls mean when they do things or look at me or whatever they may be doing. completely oblivious. like a girl would have to tattoo her chest with the words hey I like you, would you like to get to know me, flash me her chest so I could see it, and I'd still probably think ' is she flashing me, or maybe that ghost in the corner of the room. basically I'm a social idiot I think .


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