When a girl's eyes are wide, and she's looking in my direction, but not directly at me?

She's flirted a few times. So I'll go out on a limb here and assume she's at least a little attracted. But she'll often avoid eye contact and pretty much ignore me. I've noticed she'll be looking in my direction, with wide-eyes, but not right at me. Does it seem like she might be looking at me in her peripheral vision and doesn't want to get caught looking? Or I'm over thinking things and I'm full of it?


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  • You may be over thinking things. I know girls as well as guys who will stare off into space. Sometimes it looks as though they are staring at you or just at random things. It's possible that she's looking at something or someone past you if she really isn't looking at you. It's also possible that she really is looking at you and you're right, she is trying to look at you without you noticing. The fact that you said she flirted a few times before indicates that there's a good possibility that she's looking in your direction because she does really like you. Don't just stick with the advice of random answerers online, go outright and ask her. It can't hurt to ask. You could even just say a simple hello if/when you catch her staring. If you start talking chances are more indications on whether or not she likes you will occur and you'll really be able to tell. Good luck :)

  • I can relate. I do the same exact thing to this guy I am kinda interested in. It's no secret, girls/women do stalk. So, sometimes I'll look at him, but when he looks in my direction I look away and start talking to my friends. I think you should just talk to her, especially since you said that she's flirted with you before. Just talk to her, a simple conversation about anything (weather, school, work, etc...), and observe her body language and see if she's nervous


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