Can I wear a bikini?

I had a baby (not recently lol).

After my child, I went from 125 to 165. I was a fat cow. Even after birth.

I lost the weight and now I’m 123 lbs. The hard part is my belly. I have about 1.5-2” of fat (yea not much, but still there).

The rest of my body is toned and my booty is lovely (according to the fellas that like round booties lol). My chest does not sag. It’s still perky. My belly has a few light stretch marks and it’s not flat anymore its round and a little loose.

My girl friends say it’s fine. The larger ones say they wish their stomach was like mine…


Can I wear my bikini without looking like a hag?

I see girls do this and they look waaaay worse than I do. But I think they shouldn’t wear what their wearing. But yet, I see guys talking to them (getting at them)…

Should I wear my bikini in Miami or wear a one piece?

I'm going to try and submit pics... I totally understand... lol :)


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  • If you're asking, the answer is probably no.

    Especially in Miami I'd wear the one piece.


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  • Picture(s) would help give a more accurate answer, but you should look just fine in a two-piece suit. If you are just not comfortable wearing that, go with a one-piece suit. Never wear something you don't feel comfortable in.

  • Without pics I can't say to be honest

  • Yes, you can wear a bikini without any issues. Most people aren't concerned about an inch or 2 of fat on the stomach, especially since you're fit everywhere else.


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  • What do you feel comfortable in, a one piece or a two piece. Are you doing to wear a two piece so you can attract guys or because you think a two piece will look better? Stop worrying about how you look like in a two piece. Take your probably adorable baby to a mommy and me swim class. They grow up fast. But wear a two piece if it makes you feel bold and sexy, like my grandmother would say "don't compare yourself to other, all that will become of you is boring and miserable soul".

    • There are a lot of cute two pieces I love and have... More comfortable with a white tank over it... But want to wear it w/o... :)


  • Based on what you said you should be able to, but really there's no way to tell without pictures of you or an image that portrays your body shape.

    • This is true. I was kinda thinking the same thing. Without seeing a picture, what I think is you should go to a store and try things on, and keep trying things until you find something that suits your body.