Girls, when do you start looking for a boyfriend, during this time of year?

Ok so I was talking to a co worker of mine and she was like it's such and such season. Forgot what she called it and this was like a month ago. She said girls out are looking for guys so they can have a date for the holiday season. I was thinking already? it's September. Do girls basically search for that guy right up until Christmas day?


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  • I just heard of this a few weeks ago, it's called 'cuffing season'. I don't know if it's something people really do though. My friends and I def don't go around looking for someone just because it's all of a sudden the season.

  • Haha I have never heard of this before but it makes sense that people are more likely to want to get a partner to spend the holidays with and take to family gatherings for the holidays! :P I think people search earlier because they don't want to spend holiday with a stranger the they met just a month ago. It is better and more fun to spend holidays with a person you know well and long so that is why so early to you! :P


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