Are these shoes trendy?

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering whether you could have a quick look at these shoes, I was thinking of ordering them but I was just wondering whether they were trendy/casual enough for use when out with friends etc.


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SORRY here is the link: link


Most Helpful Girl

  • They look OK, but I wouldn't say "trendy".

    When I think of that word, I am thinking about something that stands out.

    Are those shoes nice ?


    Are they trendy ?

    No, they are very plain and casual.

    However, if you really like them and they suit your style.

    Then get them !

    We will all have different views on that one shoe.

    What should really matter is whether you like them enough to purchase them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i think they are def casual enough to wear out with friends...if you like them go for it

    well I voted yes for trendy but only to mean that htey are cool to wear not that you'd be some kind of hipster


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  • Where I am from YES! Have you ever heard of hipsters? They wear these and I find it super attractive! I would much rather see a guy in these taking me out then in Nike, or Vans! Go for it! My opinion they are super attractive on guys!


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