Do you think some people who are obsess with 'mix babies' deeply have self hate issue?

I understand that everyone wants to have beautiful babies though (even I do) but what do you think of people who get into interracial marriage just for the purpose of producing biracial kids? I live in Malaysia.Its a multiracial country but mostly the population is Muslims.Nowadays there are so many foreigners working here and I have noticed that the local people here are so obsess with getting married with these outsiders just for the purpose of producing mix babies.Whenever I asked them what is the reason for choosing their partner I haven't get an answer like "oh because he/she is sweet and nicer than the local people" Most of the time their answer will be something like "oh yeah because I want to have a good looking baby,people must be so surprise!"

A good friend of mine who look different from the people here can't stop bragging about how people always thought she was a foreigner.She is so happy about it.Don't you think it sick?


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  • Some cultures like lighter skin tones, because it is a status symbol. The poor people work in the fields under the sun and get darker while the rich can stay indoors and stay more fair skinned. Having a child with a white person, is a way that some women try to give a more fair complication to their children. I don't think this has anything to do with self hate, as much as wanting to have a child that will look beautiful by the standards of their culture.

    • I can see your point but they aren't only targeting white people though but also any other foreigners here like Latino, Middle Easterners and some South Asians(Pakistani,Indians).

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    • i said tan skin nowadays is super popular and pale -is UGLY

      maybe you are old, so you judge by what was in the past, but nowadays young people are pretty much the same in every country and I even know one arab girl who obsessed with solarium even though she already have a bit tan skin

    • Tan is still considered ugly in some countries, but that doesn't mean they want to look like a white person. They like light skin compared to their own race, not light skinned compared to a white person. Mixed babies can give that result. For many countries fair skinned is still more desirable than tanned skin.


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  • People put WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much emphasis on race...

  • its not that shocking to me

  • I think that's messed up, being obsessed with having biracial babies because you don't like your own race.

    All things aren't equal, and different races have some variation, but seriously--people should be happy to be their own race. It's not exactly something you can change, so why be one of those people trumping interracial marriage, as if their fellows are not good enough. Be happy with who you are!

    And maybe I'm psychotic, but I think it's a good thing the world has so much variation among peoples and culture. It makes things interesting--like there are so many different little worlds, thanks to the people and culture being different. People promote interracial marriage, mixing, changing nations, etc, I think that's a horrid idea. I like how diverse the world is. I like that Berlin is such a different place compared to Atlanta, that Atlanta is such a different place from Brasília. I like the status quo, and think cultures should remain as much as possible. I don't think Brasilia should become another Atlanta. I don't think the USA should try to import as many immigrants as possible and become a Hispanic country. I don't think Germany should take a ton of immigrants and be changed. I don't think Europe should have been involved in Africa and taken so much over as colonies. Because whatever we drastically change--something is lost. Some culture, or people.

    It's like Colonial America. The USA is a great nation. Or was. And during colonial days, the fights between native Americans and colonial America was bad--but isn't it still a damn shame the Cherokee and such weren't preserved better? I mean, how awesome would it be if that culture/people had been better preserved instead of so badly damaged, and maybe they had their own state?

  • What's the race of these foreigners? Let me know then I can answer your question.

    • Middle Easterners,Latino,Blacks,Pakistanis, Indians and whites but most of the time the local girls/guys here will gaga over either Middle Eastern/white/Pakistani guys.

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    • Well a lot of foreigners (especially in Asia) go gaga over whites because they've been brainwashed by the media and society that white is the best so a lot of people will be desperate to intermix with them as a way of giving their kids a "advantage" and "move up the social ladder" . Blacks and Asians will also bleach their skin to lighten themselves in a attempt to gain white acceptance and validation which I believe is disturbing and sick .

    • Blacks and Asians have been taught historically to despise themselves and look at themselves as the lowest of the low and inferior .

  • That is really odd. I never heard of anyone getting married for the sole purpose of making mixed babies


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  • Are you assuming that because someone is mixed, it automatically makes them beautiful ?

    Because if you are, lets be honest and look around.

    There's ugly in every mixture and race.

    As well as beauty in some.

    Someones race or mixture does not determine that.

    A persons physical features does.

    I think some people date interracially because they choose not to see only black and white,

    And see the beauty in every color.

    If their heart was captured by a red, or pink person they'd be with him/her has long has the person treated them right.

    Now people that solely say I will not date my own race, and I want to reproduce with someone other than their own ethnicity obviously has self hate issues.

    • Also, I would like to state this is a cultural difference. In foreign countries such as where you live that is the highlight and main focus of a lot of peoples life. Here it isn't. Of course you have your set amount of people that feel that way but it doesn't take us over has a population. There are still plenty that feel otherwise.

  • I didn't know people were that obsessed. BUT I think there's truth to the statement that mixed race children are usually very attractive, or remarkably unattractive. It's like the interesting combination can either mesh together to create something more beautiful than average, or can completely not work and you have a less attractive child.

    Although, it's okay to think about it, as long as it isn't a deciding factor in a relationship. For example, I was fantasizing a couple days ago about what my kids would look like if I married someone from a Nordic background (like ice blue eyes, white blond hair, and pale skin). Those would be some interesting looking kids, for better or for worse.

    Oh and I am the product of the marriage between a Tamil Singaporean (so Indianish-looking) man and a Swiss woman (fair skin, blue eyes, light brown hair).

  • Absofcknlutely!

    First of all, being mixed does not gaurantee beauty. I have seen some mixed people who are outright unattractive physically or simply average and not memorable physically. Attractiveness is all about genetics. There are plenty of mixed people walking around who don't even catch your eye.

    2nd - you should love your child regaurdless of what they look like physically and if you are so hung up on their looks, then chances are you're not ready to be a child's example and tackle parenthood. What the hell is wrong with the world? You should be greatful if you have a healthy, able bodied child who is not mentally handicapped or physically restricted due to birth defects. A child that will not be going through chemo when they should be playing outside. So if someone is seriously that superficial to where they are obsessing over the kid being mixed, then they need to not reproduce until they can get their sh*t together mentally.

  • Yes

    They somehow think it will raise their social status. The thing is, society categorizes mixed kids as their ethnic side.

    So kids mixed with black and white are considered black; kids mixed with Asian and white are considered Asian; kids mixed with Hispanic and white are considered Hispanic(though that's slightly different since Hispanic is a blanket term)

    I mean yeah, if the kid mixed with Hispanic and white goes to Latin America he or she may be labeled "whitey" cause they're considered "whitER" in that culture. Same for the kid mixed with Asian and white (if they go to Asia).

    I don't see anything wrong wanting good looking children but to obsess over race is ridiculous.

  • I admit, this obsession is weird. In the situation you are describing, people seem to want to be more interesting. I don't think it should be considered a self hate issue rather than an unhealthy obsession. You mentioned foreigner, think of it that way, it gets you a opportunity to shake off your routine, step out of he crowd. Sure, mixed babies are cute, their features are different and intriguing , but getting married with the only intention to have a mixed ethnicity child is not the best plan.

    It's not a matter of deep self hate issues, just a way for them to stand out a little. Everyone craves attention, some more than others that's all.

  • Only poor and unattractive Asians go gaga over white guys lololololol or seek the acceptance of white men, even on this site I noticed it lols. I'm Asian and I'm married to fellow Asian, I've traveled to different countries and I'm not attracted to white guys at all lolollol. I find it very funny that even the unattractive Asians are big threats to western girls particularly the darker colored western girls. Their answers are screaming with jealousy and insecurity. PATHETIC.

  • I agree with you. I think a lot of minorities, specifically black women, have been directly and indirectly taught to dislike their skin color and their other natural features.

    • Probably because the portray of ideal beauty in the world is way opposite from how Black women look like.Its sad.

  • I think it's human nature to like someone who is different, lots of darker guys would love a natural blond, pale girl, lots of white guys would love a spicy Latina with dark eyes and long black hair... I often meet guys and think "No WAY!" because he reminds me of one of my brothers...I like guys very different from what I'm used to, they are more interesting and a challenge:)

    • I see.If that's your reason then I don't think its a self hate. Perhaps its your preference.

  • I kind of agree. But I appreciate all racial beauty. But if it's only fro that purpose a person is dating out than yes.