Best Hair care/Hair styling products?

Lately, I've been really interested in caring for my hair. What are some of the best Hair styling and Hair care products? I'm aware that the wet hair jell look is no longer in. It's more about the dry, wax, pomade look.

What are the best hair styling, hair wax/clay/pomades out there? I heard Bumble and Bumble is pretty good. What others are there?

I have thick, straight and rather coarse hair. In terms of hair care, what are the best Shampoos, conditioners, volumizers, ect. What hair care products are best for adding body, softness and shine to my hair? Having a nice smell helps too.

Please keep the recommendations coming. Plus, and one has mentioned any Shampoos and conditioners. I'm looking for ones that will make my hair more soft and manageable.


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  • The 'pomade' look is wet. Its not wet and rigid like gel, but it adds shine and that is a bit of a 'wet' look.

    Based on that I'm not sure exactly what you want. You also mention you have straight coarse hair. You actually want to add body?

    If you want a fairly dry looking moldable paste, kms hairplay molding paste is very good. You only need a tiny amount - think a pencil eraser.

    I use other stuff now, but what I use definitely adds a slight 'wet' look.


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  • Try Gatsby Wax! :D It is from Japan and you can buy it at a Japanesse supermarket. It works really great even better than the American brands. The thing is after you put the wax on make sure to use hairspray to keep the shape for this brand of wax! :D

  • every boy I know raves about "nakano wax" it's the best apparently.


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  • Ive been searching far and wide for the best waxes, shampoos, and conditioners. I recommend checking out silkhaar TV on YouTube. They are the guys you go to for hair styling tips. I bought their wax, By Vilain. It is the best wax I've ever used. It is better than the stuff axe makes.