Question for black girls, do you?

Over the summer, my parents moved us to another part of the country Because of a job my dad took. We used to live in an area that was mostly Asian, but here there's a lot more different cultures, and a lot of Black girls. And they are...CUTE! REALLY cute! It's not the run down ghetto, but deff isn't rich either. Somewhere in between. Thing is though, the Black girls here are just way too dang good! Every time one goes past, like going in a door, I run up, hold the door open, wish her a good day(and I mean it!). I've also at school, carried their books, walked some to the store when we get out, even took care of some extra stuff they wanted at lunch. They're 2 cute, I have to! None have gotten mad at me at all, but the most confusing part is that they keep this careful straight face. They go by in black leggings, and I'm WHOA! O..Ohhh! Look great in those! They deserve it, at least to me! Some guys make fun of me and say I shouldn't be doing that for them, that I'm weak and stuff like that. I just said they're too cute and look great like they do, so I SHOULD be doing this for them, and even more! Is it wrong for me to treat them the way I do and do these things for them? They deserve it, so why shouldn't I? Do you mind me doing what I do? I feel like I have to, the way you are!


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  • In don't think you're ready for that jelly. Their bodies are too bootylicious for ya' babe.

    • Lol, VERY not true! But it's more than that. They haven't given me any mean looks or bad responses. I just want to be...nice to them. Treat them well. Their looks? That's obvious. But if they came back at me acting like a rattlesnake it would turn me off. But they don't do that at all.


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  • Ugh... creep factor.

  • It's okay if you pick ONE special girl you're trying to make your GF, but doing this for all blacks is weird..


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  • In all honesty, sounds to me like you're being their bitch

    You want one of them, go for it.

    But don't be their lap dog.