What are your "Friday fashion rules"?

For example, at my current job, a lot of the guys follow what they call "Blue Shirt Friday". On the last day of the work week, is there a certain suit/dress/outfit that you'll wear that day?

For me, I'll wear my favorite suit (very dark grey, almost black with a very subtle texture) and a French blue/cobalt shirt. The tie varies from week to week, but the ones I usually pick from are a black with gold/taupe paisley, a purple with light blue overlapping circles, a gold with some kind of geometric pattern, and black-and-grey alternating squares outlined with gold.

So what are your "Friday fashion rules"?


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  • At my school it's maroon Monday, turquoise Tuesday, pink Wednesday, green Thursday, and Black Friday.


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  • I would be up for an interesting "Friday fashion." I don't have any themes to report yet, myself, unfortunately. A family member of mine participates in "Hawaiian Shirt Friday," though- which sounds comfortable, possibly fun, and casual, but certainly not as snazzy or compelling as your described attire.

  • good ol' blue scrubs


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