What do you use to define beautiful?

what exactly is beauty? what do you find beautiful?


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  • Oh, that's a hard one. Sexy is easy, but beautiful is harder.

    First, Wikipedia:

    "Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction."

    Did that help you? Well, it wouldn't help me either...

    If we think of beautiful as opposed to sexy, what about: "Someone you like looking at, but don't necessarily want to see in your bed. Possibly someone you would rather cuddle instead."

    In the case where the viewer is "aesthetically challenged", then "someone that makes you feel more ugly".

    In the case where he/she is your partner: "someone that makes you feel proud."


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  • Real beauty is something you will only know when you see it.

    In fact, if you see it and you can put words to it, that's not real beauty. Beauty is worth every word in your vocabulary, and it would take a lifetime to describe.


  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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  • Personally I define beauty as something that makes me stop and really take my time to examine it. Beauty makes me think and feel, use my head and my heart at the same time. I tend to find beauty in the strangest, but most simple of places. That's just me!

  • Natural beauty-someone that needs no make-up. Has a clear complexion. Big bright eyes, nice smile. Perfect nose lol. Slim-good figure. Good style. I don't really call many people beautiful because I don't think many people are and I don't know one person that is beautiful. There is also only one guy I've ever thought is beautiful. Yeh it's mainly a word used to describe girls.

    • What is a perfect nose?

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    • Well, don't you know how they say? the bigger the nose the bigger the...

      don't you like very big "noses"?

    • No I've never heard that saying, I've heard the bigger the feet the bigger the dick. And I hate big noses but love big "noses".

  • i think that beauty is something coming from the heart. like if you love someone with all your heart ..it would be beautiful in a way? =| lool duz it make sense?

  • Me...i'm pretty lame

    • Wow I totally read this question wrong. I thought it said what do you use to define ugly. My bad.