Why is he defensive?

Theres a shy guy in my class that I fancy. He doesn't talk to many people just a few people in my class. I really wanted to speak to him so I decided to build up the courage to do so. I went up to him and introduced myself and we had a nice conversation. But before I left I told him that I had to speak to him since he was so eye catching. He went bright red and said well now we can speak to each other a lot more and with that I left. Now he avoids me and when I approach him to speak to him he gets very rude. For example, I asked him what he got for our recent assignment he snapped at me by saying "why do you want to know". Since that incident I don't speak to him anymore, however I have caught him staring at me lecture and he looked away really quickly when I caught him. Last time we had to do a presentation in our class, he had his head down for everyones presentation becasue he was concentrating on his lines for his one. But when I went up do mine with two other girls, the only time he looked up was when I was speaking. He looked back down again when I finished. ( I know this because I was observing him) lol

He is really confusing and I don't know what to make of his behavior . Some help would be appreciated :)


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  • it might be that some one had made fun of him of threatened him. not sure though.


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  • Well, I'm defensive too, specially with guys, and he might be in the same boat as me.

    I'm defensive because I was bullied and picked on mostly by guys, so now when a guy approaches me I tend to push him away because I always have that feeling he is just going to pick on me like others did.

    Maybe that guy has been picked on by a girl he liked and that's why he's defensive. My advice is just to try to approach him again and maybe tell him he doesn't need to be rude to you. I'm sure that if you show him you'll be good to him he won't be defensive anymore. Hope this helps :)

  • i agree with sandmann seriously