What are some things to look for to see if he's interested?

So I have a friend, we went to high school together, were both in college now (we happen to be at the same one) its about a year now we talk all the time almost everyday if were not too busy. I kind of like him but I don't know if he feels the same way, I don't want to ask and be embarrassed if he's not interested. We talk about everything and anything, we care about each other and support each other. He has a hard time opening up but I was the same way at first. he's come over, we've hung out, I've gone to see his soccer game, and we've hung out at school. I know it doesn't say too much, but what are some things to look for to see if he's interested?


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  • Oceanbell is on the right path. I was going to say you could be more touchy/feely with him and just make it obvious in the right situations that your interested in him and taking it further. Nothing wrong with a woman dropping hints. Even obvious ones if the situation requires! :D

    Have fun and Good Luck! :)


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  • Does he touch you when you talk to each other? If so, he might just like you! If he talks about other girls in front of you, that's a bad sign. What you can do is just watch a movie together or (oh god, I shouldn't say this) get drunk together. It'll relieve the tension you have and he might just make a move!

    Good luck!

  • if he flirts like touching you, complimenting you, or if he remebers little things you have told him. if you touch him, compliment him or ask him to a date-y kind of thing does he seem interested or happy? that's what you need to look for.