Getting told that I looked like a painting?

I got told that I looked like this painting. It was of some European woman. It was like a Greek painter or something. Some Eastern European country. Id remember. Then the person complicated my eyes because they are hazel. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing


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  • That happened to me once, I must say I was insulted. He did on not mean it to be an insult, but I took it that way. I once told a girl she looked like a puppy, I meant it as a compliment. Puppies are the cuties things on the planet. Boy did she get mad...lesson learned don't tell a girl she looks like a dog, lol.


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  • I think it would be a good thing, I can't imagine someone thinking you look awful and saying God you look like a painting...I could think of better things to say lol ;)

    Paintings of women are usually very striking and powerful so they must in turn think you have a memorable striking appearance. I guess I would take it as a compliment...and unusual one, but a compliment all the same :)

  • That is a great compliment to recieve.

    • I don't even know what it's suppose to mean