How to know if she really likes me?

Girl I have been hanging out with for a few months. We go out maybe once or twice a week. We talk over the phone sometimes, also text a lot. When it comes to signs of like/love I tend to be kind of oblivious unless it is something out there that I could really recognize. I am wondering if she is using me as a rebound or really interested in me. Others that have seen us together tell me that she really looks like she likes me. I just don't know what to think. I am always wondering if she is playing me. Just need some advice on what to look for.


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  • do you have physical contact, if so and your going out perhaps she is waiting for you to ask it to be official.? could you help out with my question I just posted I am wondering the same kind of thing if I guy I like is keen link

  • if she really likes you she will let you know


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