How do you do this hairstyle? Steps please

It's for prom and I am just wondering how would I achieve this hairstyle?



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  • Hair salon would be good - but I'd imagine it could be expense. I never get my hair styles at a salon - only cut.

    For starters, loose curl.

    It's best to do this by sectioning off. Take the top layer, pin it up and curl the bottom first. To get the curls like the picture - probably do it with GHDs quite loosely and spray the hair with some kind of fixing spray - but make sure it's one that lets it move -when done. Make sure to heat protect first. Then do the same to the top layer. Depending on the thickness of your hair it can take more than a top and bottom layer - when I do it I tend to have to section it into 3 layers.

    Maybe sure the curls aren't too tight, and use quite thick sections of hair.

    To pin it back - I'd again section the top and bottom off.

    Getting the top section on the hair out of the way - pin the main body back. I'm guessing it's central - from what I can see from the picture.

    Then work from the side of the bangs - if yours fall like hers - pulling the longer bigs into the back - securing the volume again with fixing spray. For styling like this I like elnette.

    Then for the top bits of your hair - section the remaining layer into 2 (again 3 depending on thickness). Moving with the direction of the curl pin the bottom layer down fairly tightly then the top layer, with more volume over the bottom one.

    Brush your bangs out and straighten.

    It'll probably take a try or two to figure what works with your hair, but I've done something pretty similar and it worked well.


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  • Hair salon.

  • Yea have to agree with everyone you need to go to a salon for it.


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  • Like rdxhai said - take the picture to your trusted hair salon and ask if they could re-create the look on you. It is gorgeous, btw!

  • Yup I strongly suggest a hair salon, 'cause by trying to re-create it yourself you'll probably screw up big time, no offence lol.