Anxious feeling, and do you girls think she likes me?

Okay, I am a 20 year old guy and I have had a crush on a girl for about a year now(she is 22). I felt like there was something between us. We know each other but "rarely" talk, but kind of talked with our eyes and stuff only. Anyways, I kind of started acting more aloof/uninterested and she seemed sad perhaps(just my assumption though.. by seeing her and analyzing stuff). Didn't see her for about three weeks and when I ran into her at a restaurant she seemed.. anxious? When I looked at her she looked at my direction and looked down really quickly and by looking at her face she seemed anxious perhaps?.. I myself also felt really anxious that my knees were shaking and my heart was beating fast. So my question is has anyone been in a situation like this before? Also I "constantly" doubt myself so do you guys/gals think she likes me or maybe just thinks I am weird or something because I know you may never know... :|... thanks for taking the time to read the post.


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  • Based on what you put I think she is interested in you. If she wasn't she wouldn't look away quickly and seem a little anxious. Also if she seemed different after you seemed kinda uninterested, then she must have some sort of feelings for you. Because if she didn't' she wouldn't care at all about it, and wouldn't be uncomfortable in the restaurant. I think she might be shy too. I used to be really shy, and rarely approached guys to strike up a convo. I think instead of backing away from her, you should try to hang around her more. Just say "Hey, how have you been?" with a nice smile, and I'm sure she'll warm up. You are cute! so don't underestimate yourself. Take a chance on what could be...

    • Haha, thanks. Well I saw her again for the first time tonight in about 2-3 months and now she doesn't seem interested anymore :(.. I felt like it was my fault though because I acted like I wasn't interested in her and kind of ignored her. But who knows though maybe she wasn't interested in me in the first place :,(.. Thanks for commenting though hahah :|


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  • I also have a similar situation to yours. I had a really huge crush on one of the guys in my class. He was always complimenting me on different things. but a I rarely talked to him and was awkward, because I liked him a lot. After the semester ended, I didn't see him until 7 months later. When I first saw him I was ecstatic, but also nervous and kinda anxious. I could tell he was staring at me, and was standing around waiting for me to start talking to him or him come over to me. But I turned off my computer, and walked really fast out the room. It was weird, and I don't know to this day why I did that. But I can relate to your situation.

  • Yeah it sounds like she is interested.


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