Complete transformation help?

I really want to have almost a complete transformation done to myself. I want to better myself both physically and mentally. I am overweight right now for my height. I really want to be looked at by people I know and think "wow why didn't I notice her before"? I am not looking for a boyfriend as I already have one. I just want to be seen as beautiful both inside and out. I sound conceited but I am just tired of not being recognized.

What are some things I can do to improve myself?


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  • The FIRST thing I'd say to work on is your confidence. You leave an impression by the way you walk, and the way you talk. Even if nothing else changed, if you show people that you're an awesome people, they'll believe you.

    To do this, I'd say start some sort of program or class. I took acting classes through high school and college, and they REALLY pushed me out of my shell. I went from being invisible to the class clown. Everyone thinks I'm hilarious. I've also taken voice lessons, which helped me in the same way. I imagine a speech class would help as well.

    For weight, I would NOT suggest counting calories. I tried that for a while, but it becomes an obsession. Or else you get tired of it and quit. I'd just say make sure you're having small portions, healthy snacks (no chips. lol) and lots of water. Also, start a kind of exercise you know you'll be able to keep up. I take dance classes occasionally at my school, and it's so much fun. You get a great workout, without even realizing it because you're so focused on the music and dance moves. Memorizing dance routines also helps with cognitive processing. If you don't dance, but like running, then do it by all means, but keep it up! Don't stop!


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  • Changing yourself on the inside is all psychological. So that comes solely with self-esteem and confidence.

    On the outside, you have to make a serious effort to eat healthy, get physical exercise, and know how to make yourself look good (applying makeup, wearing perfume). If you really want to make this serious effort, then your transformation is certainly possible.

  • do you think your boyfriend/family thinks you're boring?

    • He does sometimes because I don't really go out at all but that is kinda who I am. And my family encourages me to get out and do new things.

    • sounds like you're depressed

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  • I get it, you just want to feel better about yourself/more confident. Everyone goes through that. Your body is a temple, treat it like one.

    Physically: Watch what you eat, how much of it, and eat small portions often throughout the day. No fast food. Lots of water (lots!). Workout religiously (a personal trainer would be great to start with). Save some money for new clothes because you'll need it (bras and panties, too...say buh bye to the girls and your ass because they'll shrink most likely lol).

    Mentally: read everything you can. Self-improvement, wellness/well-being books. Embrace your faith. Religious or spiritual? That will guide your mind and heart and keep you where you want to be. As well as possibly turning some of your thoughts around positively.

    I'm 5'2". I weighed 180 two years ago. I'm 110 now. I ate small portions 6x/day. Lots of water. I worked out 4-6 times per week for at least one 1/2 hrs each time (lots of cardio). A good friend recommended a book she loved (I'm very spiritual) and it's become my bible. And yes, I had to spend quite a bit of funds for new clothes. I went from a size 12/14 to 0. Consignment shops will be your friend. Good luck! =)

    • reading is good, but remember to take everything you read with a grain of salt. make sure you're constantly asking yourself how credible it is (wiki probably isn't something you want to constantly read)

  • Join a gym and hit the spa.