I think I have binge eating disorder?

I used to eat very small amounts of food simply because I didn't feel like eating. But during the past two years, I started to eat more and more and now I got to the point where I can't stop eating until I feel sick. I binge almost every day and I gained 22 lbs in these two years. My height is 5'2'' and I weigh 110 lbs. I was told that this is a healthy weight for my height, but I really started to hate my body and I am afraid I'll get fatter and fatter because I simply can't stop eating. Is this binge eating disorder? What can I do about it?


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  • I had the same problem except mine got a lot worse and now I'm 5'2 at 137lbs and I also developed bulimia. It doesn't matter if you're a healthy weight now, you should definitely try to get it under control. The longer you wait the hared to break the habit. I'm still binge eating today to be honest, the best thing is to tell someone (even if it's just a friend) You don;t have to say that you have an ED if you're uncomfortable, you can tell people you just want to eat healthy. It may start out as a "phase" but it doesn't just "go away" most people struggle with ED's they've developed for their whole lives.

    • You are right, it is only getting worse. Since I asked this question, I gained another 7 pounds :( I have to stop this

    • If you need someone to talk to you can message me, I've been doing "self treatment" for a while but it's always important to keep in contact with someone who is helping you otherwise you can"revert" back into "old ways" .. although it's better if it is someone close to you.

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  • 110lbs is perfectly fine.

    but it does seem to me that there may be some eating disorder going on...simply due to the difference in eating habits and significant weight gain (althouhg you are still a healthy weight). I'd probably talk to a therapist if possible


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  • Since you're under 18 there's a possibility that you're going through a crazy growth spurt, but if you're worried about it just try being more conscious of what you eat and the portion size on your plate. I recommend eating what would be a normal sized portion then as soon as you're finished get up and leave the table/kitchen/wherever the food is. Immediately go do something to distract yourself and see if the cravings subside when it's not in front of your face to think about. If this doesn't help then try talking to one of your parents to see if they can get you an appointment with your doctor to perhaps come up with another solution or supplements that will help fill you up.

  • Trust me girl I would love to be that skinny. I'm the same height and I weigh more then that.