What shape should I dress for?

Going by my body measurements I am a short pear... 4ft11... 32-23-34 ... but I have wide shoulders which are in direct proportion to my hips.

On top of this, I have little definition in my waist from a front angle, yet a massive definition from a side angle.

Front view is pretty much Nicole Kidman: link

Side view is pretty much Kim Kardashian: link



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  • I think you actually sound more like an hourglass 32 and 34 are close, 23 is dramatically smaller.

    I also think that Nicole and Kim are both hourglass types, though maybe Kim could be maybe be seen as a pear (slightly wider bottom than top? it is close and hard to tell).

    However, I think the bigger difference is that Nicole's curves are less wide (in comparison to her over all height). However, I am pretty sure that if you could locate an image of her sideways in a Kim-type tight outfit you would just see that she was a longer, but also has a similar balance above and below her waist.

    Probably you are somewhere in between their types. Don't stress about it. pay attention to both and see what works for you. If this is the case, than I am guessing that Kim is probably going to be a better fit as a model for you in this particular case because the two of you are closer in height, so her dressing habits might be appropriate not just for being a certain shape, but also as a slightly shorter than average girl. Nicole is really very tall (6'0"?) and looks that work on her height might not really suit you even if you have a similar curve balance.


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  • The second link.


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  • I use to hate shopping for close because nothing ever fits my body. My sister taught me a really cool thing that has given me so much confidence in my clothes. Try everything! Literally just grab every piece of clothing at the store that you would want to fit you and then take everything into the dressing room. You can't do it if your in a rush but its kind of fun and you might be surprised by what fits you even if you thought it wouldn't.

  • I like what Nic's wearin

  • Well since your waist is small I would get a dress that would show the small waist.Therefor KimK would be the shape to dress as.